The Most Essential Army Publications

The Army operates on doctrine and regulations, which are outlined in manuals. These manuals help leaders communicate their mission and responsibilities to Soldiers. In his book Political Man, Seymour Lipset formally examines traditional theories of how societies modernize. His approach enables us to better understand how evolving relevant operational or mission variables affect our military … Read more

TM 9-1276 – M1 Carbines

TM 9-1276 - M1 Carbines

TM 9-1276 is a very informative manual for stripping and repairing your M1 Carbine. It also provides tips on field repairs as well. During World War II, the military underwent some big changes in how it categorized its manuals. They were divided into a number of categories, including FM (Field Manuals) and TM (Technical Manuals). … Read more

TM 10-276

TM 10-276

TM 10-276 is a technical manual that provides information and guidance on field laundry operations for the United States Army. This detailed guide covers the necessary procedures, equipment, and personnel involved in ensuring proper cleanliness and hygiene during field exercises or deployments. This article will explore the key aspects of TM 10-276, including its importance, … Read more

TC 31-29 

TC 31-29, Special Forces Operational Techniques is a United States Army Training Circular, written in 1988 and published in the late Cold War era. This manual is arguably one of the finest “how-to” books for Special Forces operations, covering advanced urban warfare and counterterrorism, tactical single-channel radio communications, infiltration, arms and equipment caching, special reconnaissance, … Read more