MEDPROS and the Army’s Medical Readiness Tracking System

MEDPROS is the Army’s medical readiness-tracking system. It allows commanders at all echelons to monitor their units’ and personnel’ medical readiness. It also helps track IMM and area-specific immunization profiles. MEDPROS is available through a website. It requires a CAC card and Internet Explorer version 11. The system tracks all medical and dental requirements, including permanent physical profiles/duty limitations, DNA, TB, and HIV testing.

The MEDPROS Army portal is an online system that allows military and civilian employees to track their medical readiness. This system can help commanders determine whether a group is ready for deployment. It also helps them keep up with upcoming events, such as flight physicals or Periodic Health Assessments. This system is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere in the world. It also tracks permanent physical profiles, duty limitations, DNA, TB, and HIV testing. It requires a DoD Common Access Card and Internet Explorer version 11 to use.

MEDPROS is the Army’s automated database designed to meet the Department of Defense requirements for maintaining unit and individual medical readiness. It is used by the AMEDD to record immunization and medical readiness data for Soldiers and their families, as well as Army Reserve and National Guard personnel. The system also enables unit commanders to review and unify medical and dental readiness at the unit, individual, or task force level.

During the preparation phase for a deployment, it is important to ensure that all medical criteria are met. This includes ensuring that the DA Form 5500 is complete and accurate and that all IMR/UMRs are up to date. It is also important to ensure that enough formally trained medpros army knowledge online (AKBO) personnel with write capability are available to review and update the data.



To access MEDPROS, you must have a CAC card and a login ID. The MEDPROS website is free to use, but you will need a DoD Common Access Card-enabled computer and Internet Explorer version 11. The MEDPROS system allows commanders at all levels of the chain of command to monitor unit and individual medical readiness. It can also be used to track the medical readiness of task forces.

Using the MEDPROS Army portal is easy. Just follow these steps: First, log into the NIPR network using a CAC-enabled computer and a web browser that supports IE11. Next, enter your medpros login information. Afterwards, you can read your profile from any NIPR-enabled computer. Printed copies are for personal records, but you must sign your profile within 14 days of initiation.

MEDPROS is the database that lets doctors, unit surgeons, and commanders review your medical preparedness to serve your country. The system provides information on permanent physical profiles, duty limitations, eyeglasses/inserts, blood type, pregnancy screening, DNA and TB testing, and personal deployment medications. It also tracks area-specific immunization profiles.


A PHA is a medical checkup for military service members, including a physical and mental health evaluation. It is required by all Navy and Marine Corps service members. The MEDPROS PHAH process is conducted online and is coordinated by the individual Soldier and unit leadership. The PHA process begins with the enlisted Soldier, who will access a web portal and then schedule an appointment at their MTF. The user can also view their Certification Metrics on the User homepage, which shows their progress towards becoming certified. In order to have a Record Reviewer, MHA Provider, or HCP account, the user will need to submit a SAAR-N with blocks 1-16b completed and must be certified as such.

The MEDPROS PHA is a comprehensive health assessment and medical readiness tool. Its features include self-reported PHA, record review, and face-to-face or person-to-person PHA with a health care provider.