If your Common Access Card (CAC) card becomes blocked after entering the wrong PIN three times, it must be reset. This can be done at the nearest CAC issuance site. To reset a CAC card, you will need a valid PIN, your current card, and a second form of identification to match your fingerprint.

A CAC is a smart card Department of Defense (DoD) personnel use. Its functions include authentication, digital signature, and data encryption technologies. It is said to resist identity fraud, tampering, and counterfeiting and provide a rapid means of authenticating users. It also serves as a form of identification for DoD employees, including uniformed service members and civilian contractors.

A CAC PIN is a six to eight-digit number used to access the information stored on a secure chip on your CAC. Only you should know your PIN, and it should always be kept confidential. It should never be shared with anyone and should never be written down anywhere it can be easily found. If you do lose your PIN, you will have to visit the nearest RAPIDS facility in order to reset it. This is not an ideal situation, especially for those on TDY or TCA, as it can mean traveling to a new geographical location and/or returning to your home base.

A PIN is required to access information on a CAC, and it must be kept secure. Only authorized personnel can change or reset the PIN. A CAC can be locked if the user enters the wrong PIN three times. This lock is meant to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive information. If a CAC is blocked, the cardholder must visit an ID card office to get it unblocked.

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How to Reset CAC PIN

How to Reset CAC PIN?

If your CAC PIN becomes locked, it can be unlocked within a few steps. First, you must determine why it became blocked. The most common reason is that you have entered the wrong PIN three times. Once you have done this, visit the nearest ID card office (RAPIDS (Real-time Automated Personal Identification and Data System)) with your current CAC and a second form of ID to reset it. The RAPIDS site VO (Verifying Official) will verify your identity using your fingerprint and then help you reset the PIN.

While this article references CAC, these same steps can be used to change/verify any type of smart card PIN on an iOS device or Mac using Smart Card Utility. You will need a CAC, a current PIN, a smart card reader, and an iOS or Mac computer with Smart Card Utility installed and configured. If you are on TAD / TDY, or are at a remote location where the RAPIDS workstation is not available, it can be challenging to resolve a locked CAC. In these situations, the ID Card section in Bldg 460, Room 119, supports walk-in customers from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. weekdays to assist with resetting a CAC PIN.

In order to reset your CAC PIN, you will need to go to a local government ID card office that is part of the RAPIDS network. You will need to bring your CAC, your current PIN, and a second form of identification to verify your identity. The site VO will then match your fingerprint to the one on file and help you reset your PIN.

This process can take up to 10 minutes, so it is important that you allow plenty of time when planning your trip to the ID card office. You will need your CAC, the current PIN, and a smart card reader to change your PIN. You will also need an iOS device or Mac with Smart Card Utility installed and configured.