DA Form 5500

DA Form 5500 is a form used by the Department of the Army to record male soldiers’ body fat content. It is used to evaluate the progress of male Soldiers in the Army Weight Control Program (ABCP). In order to use the DA Form 5500, a male service member must have reached the height and weight criteria. If he exceeds this threshold, he will automatically be enrolled in the ABCP.

The DA Form 5500 has a chart that displays the body fat percentage of males in the program. This chart is the most important part of the form.

Aside from the chart, the DA 5500 also has a grid to measure the body fat percentage. The grid has two columns and one line, where the average result is equal to the abdomen’s body circumference plus the neck’s average circumference.

Another DA Form 5500 feature is the signature area. You can send this area as an attachment or as a hard copy. However, you must ensure you fill out the signature area correctly.

Aside from the form’s signature area, the DA Form 5500 is also used to record the body fat percentage of Soldiers participating in the program. It is important that you fill out this form every six months. Since this document is required for US government retirement plans, it is important that you complete it in a timely manner.

The DA Form 5500 is part of the AR 600-9 form, which is the Army’s Weight Control Program. The form is part of a chain of command. The form is also available on the official DA website. To get the DA Form 5500, you can download it or request it through your Army unit. There is no expiration date for this document.

Although the DA Form 5500 is only for males, the form does come with a female counterpart. Female Soldiers are also required to fill out the DA 5500, although the form is not as complicated as the form for men.

Who must file DA Form 5500?

Who must file DA Form 5500

When you have an employee benefit plan, you are required to file Form 5500. It can be for a pension, 401(k), or profit-sharing plan. The form must be filed by the end of the seventh month after the plan year ends. If you do not file by the deadline, you will be penalized. There are penalty relief programs for delinquent filers.

You can submit your filing online by going to the DOL’s EFAST2 system. This means registering, acquiring a PIN, and creating a password for a new user. After logging in, you’ll need to accept the signature agreement. In addition, you’ll need to input identifying and business information and attach supporting documents.

EFAST2 requires you to enter all the required information about your business. However, it is possible to minimize your workload by working with a third-party administrator. These companies can prepare and sign your Form 5500 for you. Using a third party helps reduce risk while ensuring that the process goes smoothly.

Before filing your Form 5500, you must make sure that you have all the necessary attachments. Attachments include Schedule MB, R, and SB. Also, you must have completed the appropriate Schedules. Once you have all these, you can go to the “Edit Check All 5500 Schedules” section on the “Form 5500 – Year” screen.

After you have entered all the necessary information, you must click the “Lock” button on the “Edit Status” line to lock your filing. You can then edit the filing. Alternatively, you can restore the previous filing.

To complete the “Form 5500 – Year” page, you must enter your DOL User ID, ACKID, DFE, and PIN. If you’re a new user, you’ll also need to select “Preparer on Behalf of Administrator.” Lastly, you’ll need to select “Local Sign” on the “Signed Status” line.

EFAST2 is a convenient way to complete your Form 5500, but it does require you to be prepared for the process. You must also be aware that you can be penalized for willful violations and false statements.

How to fill out DA Form 5500?

How to fill out DA Form 5500

The DA Form 5500 is a military form used to assess the body fat percentage of male service members. It can be completed electronically. You can also print or save the document. Besides, you can add fields, insert checkmarks and even highlight details.

You must have all the necessary information when you fill out the form. For example, you must have your supervisor’s name and Social Security number. He or she must sign the document. Also, you should have your rank and unit. After that, you must file the form with your commander.

To fill out the form, you can go to the official DA website and download the form. Or you can use PDFSimpli, a software that will help you with the process. This software will allow you to fill out the form on your computer. In addition, you can sign the document electronically.

The da5500r 1985 template is designed to simplify high-volume document management processes. If you have problems, you can contact signNow Support.

The DA Form 5500 is one of the forms that are required for soldiers participating in the Army Weight Control Program. Male service members who exceed the weight requirement specified in table B-1 are subject to a body fat assessment. Those who are found to be excessively overweight are automatically enrolled in the ABCP.

You can fill out the DA form on your computer by downloading it to your local machine or importing it from the cloud. Additionally, you can edit it by adding text or images. Afterwards, you can share or print it. However, you must ensure that the document is completely filled out.

To complete the DA Form 5500, you must have all the necessary information. Moreover, you must have a way to keep track of the deadlines. Keeping a calendar will help you stay on schedule. And writing important dates on a chalkboard will also be helpful. Lastly, you must follow the instructions in the AR 600-9. These will guide you in completing the DA Form 5500.

When you apply to join the United States military, you need to fill out a DA Form 5500. This is a form that is used by the Department of the Army to determine whether you are eligible to serve. Moreover, you will also be required to fill out a Body Fat Content Worksheet to record your body measurements. The information recorded will be used to calculate your percentage of body fat.

To ensure that you are able to meet these requirements, the Department of the Army has developed an effective program to measure your body fat content. This is done by using the DA Form 5500, which is a part of the AR 600-9 form. You will be asked to fill out personal details, including your name, rank, height, and social security number.

Before you start filling out the DA Form 5500, you will need to ensure that you are aware of all the instructions. These will include how to fill out the Body Fat Content Worksheet, take the measurements, and calculate your body fat percentage. As an example, you will need to first measure the circumference of your neck and abdomen. For your abdominal circumference, you will need to measure around the navel. After you have taken the measurements, you will need to subtract the average circumference value from your average height. Your average result will then be your body fat percentage.

If you have any questions about the DA Form 5500, you can refer to the Department of the Army. The instructions for this form are provided in the Army Regulation 600-9, which can be found at USAPA. In addition, you will need to follow the instructions from Table B-4 of the form. Lastly, you will need to have a member’s signature from your gaining unit.