DA Form 705

DA Form 705 is a form produced by the Department of the Army to monitor and record test scores and other relevant data about the physical condition of soldiers. The form is not meant to be viewed by the casual observer but is instead used by personnel who have undergone physical training and exercise programs. It’s also used as a reference document to provide information about the fitness requirements of soldiers who are about to undergo a physical test. This form is not designed to be placed in a specific location but to be kept in the soldier’s personnel file.

DA Form 705 is the most prestigious form in the Army’s test and evaluation triumvirate. It contains information on a variety of tests and exercises. For example, there is a section devoted to aerobic exams. In fact, there are three main types of physical activity: sit-ups, push-ups, and a mile run. Depending on the circumstances, soldiers may have to do these feats multiple times a year.

While this particular form is not new, it has been updated to include a few nifty tidbits. For example, this particular form contains special fields for aerobic exams and a small space for an officer’s signature. One notable feature is that it can be converted to multiple file formats. Another nice touch is that it can be exported to the cloud if you want to share it with your team.

How to fill out DA Form 705?

How to fill out DA Form 705

If you are preparing to take the Army Physical Fitness Test, you need to understand how to fill out DA Form 705 so that you will be able to pass the test. It is a standard form that records your results, including your performance in several tests.

In addition to providing you with a record of your results, DA Form 705 is also a scoring and evaluation form. Specifically, it has areas for recording each of the tests you complete and your scores for each. This includes the two-mile run, sit-ups, push-ups, and an alternative aerobic event such as a 6.2-mile bicycle ride.

The DA Form 705 is a comprehensive scorecard measuring your physical fitness based on three main categories of exercises. Each box takes up one-quarter of the page, with an area for each of the tests. The amount of information you will have to input may vary depending on your age and fitness level.

DA Form 705 contains a standards chart used to calculate your score. You will receive a point score for each type of exercise, and your performance is rated based on the number of repetitions of the test.

In the DA Form 705 table, you will find your results for each test and your comments. These include how many sit-ups you did, how many push-ups you did, and how many rounds you completed of the two-mile run.

The DA Form 705 has a few more sections, with more boxes for each test. The first box is for your name, gender, and unit. Your weight is also recorded. For male soldiers, you need to fill in your body fat composition. Female soldiers should also record their body fat.

The DA Form 705 is important to keep in your personnel file. However, you should complete it completely before you submit it. Also, if you have taken the test more than four times, you will need to fill out additional pages.

The DA Form 705 is filled out by authorized military representatives. However, it does not dictate where or when you should go.

DA Form 705 is used to record the results of a soldier’s physical fitness tests. It includes information on the number of push-ups and sit-ups performed, along with other test results.

  • The form is divided into four sections. Each section contains boxes that take up one-quarter of the page. Boxes labeled Test One, and Test Two are on the top of each section.
  • The bottom two boxes on each section are labeled Sit Ups and Alternate Aerobic Event. These areas are where a scorer records the number of correctly performed repetitions.
  • There is also a section for recording height and weight. The DA Form 705 should be filled out by each soldier. When the testing is completed, the officer administering the test would sign the form.
  • In the upper portion of the DA Form, the soldier’s gender is recorded. He or she must indicate his or her grade and age. This information is needed to create a profile.
  • For male soldiers, body fat composition should be noted. Body fat may be calculated in a number of ways. A number of online calculators can be used to determine if you are at or below the standard.
  • Female soldiers should also fill out the body fat block. If they have a high level of body fat, they should circle NO-GO. They can then use DA Form 5501-R to report their body fat.

The DA Form 705 is kept in a personnel file. The results will be listed on the form whenever a soldier passes any of the tests. APFT scores are also tracked in units.

Soldiers who pass the APFT will receive a scorecard that will be attached to their jacket at the time of permanent change of station. All tests are monitored by different offices, with results being recorded on the DA Form 705 and a scorecard.

Applicants must comply with the requirements of AR 135-18, NGR 600-200, and DA Pam 611-21. Applicants must also satisfy the requirements in Chapter 2, NGR 600-5.

The Department of the Army conducts a variety of physical fitness tests throughout a soldier’s career. Those who pass a test are awarded a certificate.

Who can file DA Form 705?

Who can file DA Form 705?

DA Form 705 is a form that records the results of a soldier’s performance in physical fitness tests. The form is filled out by authorized military representatives and kept in a soldier’s personal personnel file.

The Department of the Army uses DA Form 705 to score and evaluate a soldier’s fitness level. When a soldier takes the APFT, he or she hands DA Form 705 to the scorer. Afterward, the officer administering the test will provide comments on the soldier’s performance. If a soldier fails the APFT, he or she is flagged.

Soldiers are tested in three different types of exercises. These are the two-mile run, the mile walk, and the sit-ups. Each test event has a specific time and is scored according to a standards chart.

Each section of the DA Form 705 has three boxes. In the top box, the soldier’s name, unit, and gender must be entered. Also, the body fat composition of the soldier must be indicated.

A separate score is also kept for the two-mile run and the push-ups. An alternate aerobic event may be an 800-yard swim or a 6.2-mile bicycle ride.

DA Form 705 is also used to determine whether or not a soldier has met army standards. If a soldier does not meet the standard, he or she must take an alternative aerobic event.

In addition to the DA Form 705, a soldier must also complete a form called the “Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)” form. This form records the information of the soldier and his or her unit, as well as the results of the tests.

It is important to fill out DA Form 705 completely. Failure to do so may result in penalties or fines.

There are online calculators that allow users to enter their age and gender and calculate their scores. These tools make it easy for soldiers to see whether they can meet the standards.

The DA Form 705 also has a table containing results from each test. The tables contain personal information about the soldier, including his or her height and weight and his or her body fat composition.