DA Form 31

Are you an Army member looking to request authorization for leave? You should know that DA Form 31 is what you need. It is a simple and easy-to-use form you can fill out for yourself.

When a military member is requesting official leave, he should submit a Request and Authority for Leave form ( DA Form 31 ) to his commander. This form can be used for a variety of purposes, including vacation, emergency leave, and other travel. Depending on the purpose of your leave, your commander can approve or reject your request. For example, if you’re on leave for medical reasons, you need to be prepared to provide detailed information about your condition.

Before filling out your DA Form 31, ensure you have all the relevant information. You will need your social security number, date of birth, rank, and destination address. Also, your dependents’ information is required. Unless you’re requesting official leave, you shouldn’t fill out this form for any period longer than 30 days. In addition, you’ll need to have a valid reason for leaving your unit, and you’ll need to report to your unit within 24 hours of your return.

If you’re requesting a temporary leave, you’ll need to tell your commander about any changes in your address. It is also important to answer the form accurately. Once your commander has approved your DA Form 31, you will need to complete and return the form. Your commander can then issue you a travel authorization.

When filling out the DA Form 31, make sure you include the date you plan to go on leave. Also, be sure to provide information about the type of leave you are requesting. For example, if you are going on an emergency leave, you will need to include details such as when the request was made, why you need the leave, and how you expect to return.

You may also want to include any dependents who you are traveling with. If you are requesting maternity convalescent leave, you will need to show that you have completed certain responsibilities prior to leaving and after returning. You should report to your duty station as soon as possible during your leave. This will allow your commander to approve your request and provide you with the proper instructions.

How to Fill out DA Form 31?

How to Fill out DA Form 31

The Request and Authority for Leave form (DA 31) is an official Army form that is used for emergency, personal, and travel leave. It is also used to request an extended pass.

DA Form 31 is an official form that requires information about the applicant, the duration of the leave, and the return to duty. When requesting leave, the information on the form should be accurate and complete. The request will not be approved if the application is not filled out correctly. Whether the leave is for a short period or a long one, it must be signed and submitted.

The Request and Authority for Leave, DA Form 31, is a form that can be completed online. Before you start, you must set up a free account. You will need to create a secure password and verify it. Once you have created your account, you can upload documents from a secure URL, customize templates, and add fillable fields.

The application asks for

  • The origin station
  • The type of leave
  • The dates of the application
  • The supervisor’s approval
  • The number of days of leave.
  • Additionally, it also asks for the name of the authority who will be signing the form.

If you are leaving the Army for a short time, you may have to provide a Social Security Number. You should present the DA 31 to your unit commander upon your return.