myPay, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service’s web-based pay information system, allows Service Members to view their pay information and process payroll-related transactions in a secure online environment. It is available 24/7, though there are short periods of time when the site may be unavailable due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. myPay can also be accessed through the mobile app DFAS Info2Go.

Scammers can use the myPay website to get personal information from Service Members. The scammers often send unexpected text or email messages with a fake link that includes an official-looking logo (all fake). If you click on the fake link, it can install malware on your phone or computer and give the scammer complete access to your device and information.

The scammers pretend to be from or work with DFAS, which is the Department of Defense agency that gets your paychecks. They call Service Members and say they made a mistake with their myPay deposit, and then they ask the Service Member to wire them money immediately.

What is MyPay in the Army?

MyPay is an online system that allows service members to manage their pay information and make certain changes without having to submit paper forms. The website is a great tool for military personnel and their families to stay on top of their finances and is available around the clock. It can be accessed using a username and password or through the use of a Common Access Card (CAC).

myPay also allows members to view their leave and earnings statements, W-2 forms and travel advice. It’s also possible to set up limited access accounts for power of attorneys and other trusted individuals. These accounts allow them to view LES and tax documents but not create any pay changes.

While several third-party mobile apps claim to provide myPay functionality, they’re often unofficial and should be avoided. The official DFAS Info2Go app, available in the Google Play store, is the only legitimate myPay mobile app.

How Do I Access myPay

How Do I Access myPay?

If you’re a service member or defense civilian, you can use myPay to access a wide range of information. The site allows you to view leave and earnings statements, federal tax withholdings, savings bonds and more. It’s also a great way to check your direct deposit and banking information.

DFAS is rolling out a change in late April that adds an extra security step for those who log on to myPay. You’ll be required to enter a one-time PIN sent via email or text to verify your identity. After the requirement takes effect, you’ll be able to choose your preferred method for receiving the PIN the first time you log in to myPay.

For those who forget their passwords, myPay offers a reset feature that sends login instructions to the service member’s or civilian employee’s mailing address on file with DFAS. You can also visit a base and show your ID or Common Access Card to get a new temporary password from a myPay representative.

myPay Update

myPay Update

Many of our members call and email MOAA with requests for assistance with DFAS transactions, and many of those could be accomplished through myPay. We would like to see more of our members use myPay, which is an easy and convenient tool. It also frees up time for DFAS customer service staff to help those with more complicated issues.

The DFAS myPay website was recently updated. This includes a new virtual keyboard to help protect myPay accounts against malware such as spyware, trojans and keylogging. The new virtual keyboard will appear each time you log on to myPay.

The myPay site allows members to access pay information, leave and earning statements, W-2s and more. It is a great resource for those getting ready to separate from the military, as it can help them stay organized and up-to-date on their personal finances. The site also allows members to change their contact information, banking information and electronic allotments, including those for savings bonds.