DA 2404 Form

DA 2404 is used by maintenance professionals to record equipment inspections and repairs. It must include the equipment item that is being inspected, any issues or deficiencies with the equipment, and what actions are going to be taken to fix it. It must also be initialed by the maintenance professional to indicate that the form is complete. This form is vital to equipment maintenance and should be kept as such.

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The DA 2404 is an Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet that will be used by the Department of the Army to preserve records of equipment that is utilized by the Armed Forces. This is a vital document that must be completed accurately for a military organization to ensure that their equipments is functioning properly. Keeping this documentation in hand will help them address any problems that may occur, thus ensuring that they can provide their soldiers with the best available equipment.

How to Fill Out DA 2404

How to Fill Out DA 2404?

DA 2404, also known as Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet, is used by the army to record any inspections that have been done on equipment. The form is primarily used in conjunction with a technical manual for the piece of equipment being worked on. This is a two-page form that needs to be filled out accurately and completely. To do so:

  1. Start by identifying the organization working on the equipment in Box 1.
  2. Then, identify the specific equipment for which you are working in box 1.
  3. List any issues or problems that you found with the equipment in boxes a and b.
  4. Note any actions that are going to be taken to fix these issues in box c.
  5.  Finally, list any issues or problems with the equipment and describe them as fully as possible.

Once you’ve completed the DA-2404, turn it in to your unit’s Shop Supply. Ensure all paperwork is correct and the equipment has a valid material condition tag. If the equipment is unserviceable, return it to PC along with a parts request. If you’re unsure of what to do, check with the Main PC. For more information, visit the Army website.